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Mission Statement

The mission of Turn Tulsa Pink is to bring to light the local grassroots charities that provide services and support to all people affected by cancer in our communities. We Believe Charity Begins at Home. amazon shares how to buy

Turn Tulsa Pink is a Project of Breast Impressions Foundation.  Currently we are at the mercy of the IRS to reinstate our 501(c)3 status.  We have completed everything that was required, and the 90 days we were informed by mail that it would take to reinstate us has come and gone.  But we are FORGING on and making plans for the day we get our reinstatement.  The only affect this will have until we are reinstated is that we cannot supply you with a tax donation receipt.  We have secured a CPA who along with a Tax Advocate through Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s office we hope to have some news very soon!

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Judi Grove, Founder of Breast Impressions Foundation

Director of Turn Tulsa Pink.



Our Wonderful Chapters! 

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